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Email copy? >> Sometimes when your computer's running slow or a page isn't loading properly, you need to hit refresh.

Same for us! 

Sometimes we need to hit that refresh button on our art practice, to clear away the cobwebs, reconnect with our voice, and get back to doing what we love to do.

Get ten days of free access to a selection of materials from inside The Happy Artist Studio, all supporting you to reconnect with your most 'you' art, whether you're already making it and feeling a bit 'meh', or have been wanting to find your way back to it.

When you sign up, you'll receive a little something to support you in your inbox each day from Tuesday to Friday:

- a mindset lesson to help you clear the fog and get back to creating
- a painting lesson demonstrating how you can paint landscapes {or any subject} YOUR way
- a Q&A video answering some common artist questions
- a secret bonus lesson 🤫
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Day One | Abstractifying a View

This is part of a lesson from Into Nature, one of the library of 19 courses available inside the Happy Artist Studio. In this lesson we're looking at how you can take a traditional subject, like a landscape, and make it your own. Just press play on the video!

*Note: I use the word 'abstractify' to indicate a way of making art that takes a reference from 'real life' and pushes it into something new. It doesn't necessarily mean making work that is entirely abstract; you get to decide where your work sits on the continuum between fully abstract and hyperrealism.

Suggested Adventure

Your task today is to find a view you see often, and take some time to draw or paint it in a way that abstractifies it. If you find yourself slipping into habits of getting tight and too literal, keep pushing your marks, your values, your lines and your shapes until it becomes that view, only more 'you'.

Tip: Think about adding things you know exist in the landscape but can't necessarily see from your vantage point {like my rocks}, or moving the elements around so it makes less 'sense'.

Happy Artist Tool #2
Ask Better Questions

Day Two | Ask Better Questions

Today's bitesize refresher is an audio lesson from The Way of the Happy Artist, the foundational program you'll find inside the Happy Artist Studio. I recommend that all new members start there, to get a good grounding in your artist self.

The program is designed to help you get clarity around your art, your voice {or 'style'}, your practice, your process, and how you think and feel about being an artist, so you can fully claim that title for yourself and be the artist you want to be!

In this lesson, we'll look at what it means to ask better questions, what they might look like, and why this is even a thing we need to be thinking about!

👉 You can download the accompanying worksheet here

Day Three | Q&A Video

This is an example of one of the Q&A videos I create for members of the Happy Artist Studio. Questions {on any art related topic} are submitted throughout the month, and then I collate them and share my thoughts, very informally, usually over my kitchen table. 😊 

Topics covered:

  • Finding time for the deeper work of your art practice
  • Strategies and approaches to sharing on social media
  • What to do when potential buyers ghost you
  • Sharing your art... with yourself!



Day Four | You already have a voice!


This is taken from one of the monthly topics inside the Happy Artist Studio, in which we talk about the idea of having a voice {rather than a 'style'}, and two practical ways you can uncover yours.

Because it's actually already there, it just might not be front and centre yet! Here's one of the exercises - it can be surprisingly enlightening and encouraging!

Gather and Reflect

Record your responses in a sketchbook or notebook.

Tip: It's more useful to actually write your thoughts down than to just think about them, tempting though that may be! It starts to show connections visually, and can reveal things you weren't consciously aware of.

Step One ~

Lay out your work, either all together if you don't have a lot, or in batches of categories that make sense to you. You can choose how far back you go; it may make the most sense to just lay out current and recently made work.

Now we're going to cast an appraising - not judging! - eye over it all. 👀

As you look at what you've made, see if you can start to notice patterns. 

  • Are you using a certain motif or subject matter more often than the others?
  • Do you tend towards a particular colour palette?
  • What materials do you use most often? 
  • What are your 'go to' marks and shapes?
  • Can you find a few words that describe the feel of your work? 
  • Does it have certain qualities? {eg. sketchy, graphic, realistic, minimalist}

If we work on one piece at a time, we sometimes don't see the bigger picture. {Pun intended, I guess?!} Laying your work out in this way gives you enough perspective to start seeing patterns. I suspect that you'll find more consistencies than you imagined!

Take your time and note down everything that feels true for you, and what you see happening a lot.
Try adding in this extra question for each answer:
✨Is that showing up a lot because it's what you know and feel safe with, or because it's what you genuinely love?✨


That'll help to separate out what may have been unquestioned habits, or where you may have been restricting yourself because of fear or uncertainty.

Some of it you may not love - that's fine, we're just gathering intel right now. There may be habits you tend to fall into that you're ready to let go of.

If you feel like writing a description, have at it! The more information you have the better, and an exercise like this can show you things you hadn't consciously realised. {This can also be the start of an artist statement if that's something you're looking to create.}

Once you're done with that batch, do the same with the rest until you're done.

This exercise can be very helpful at any time during your life as an artist, especially if you ever feel you've lost your way, or want to focus on some aspect of your art or process more deeply.

~ Step Two ~

Now go back over your notes and circle any words that jump out at you as feeling 'like you' - the things that make you feel most excited about making your art, the things you most love to do.

You don't have to hold onto these forever, or try to make all future work 'fit' with them, but this can be a helpful guidepost.

It can also give you a starting point for your next explorations. Perhaps you want to dig deeper into a specific subject - do some research, explore other artists who work with it etc. Or maybe it'll give you an idea for a whole new body of work based on a single mark you've been using and loving.

It might not yield anything much immediately and that's ok too! This is about getting to know your own art, and yourself as an artist, with your unique combination of preferences, leanings, and interests.

We need to be elbow deep in our own work and process as a priority; it's a good practice to always be doing this.

So now you're feeling refreshed and reactivated ... what will you do with this revitalised energy?

Don't lose momentum now you've rekindled the love affair with your art! 😍👩🏼‍🎨

It's been scientifically proven* that taking action and being surrounded by support makes you a happier artist. 

*Not really, but it's still true.😉

And a happy artist makes art that feels true to them, shares or sells it in ways that feel good, and lives the artist life they were made for.

{Which is probably not the more traditional one you thought it would or 'should' be!}


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