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One to One Sessions with Tara

£135 / approx $175 USD currently

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Happy Artist Studio Members: £100 / approx $128 currently

For when you're feeling stuck or confused about your art, and would like some personalised support in finding clarity and a way forward with an artist who's been there.

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A one to one session can help you to:

  • Get clear on the next right step for your art
  • Feel more supported and less alone as you navigate your artist path
  • Work through sticky patches with a fellow artist who understands what it feels like and can make practical suggestions
  • Think about your art and your practice in new, more supportive and constructive ways
  • Feel more confident about yourself and your art
  • Talk through ideas and decide which to start with
  • See your art with fresh eyes and less self criticism


"After our talk I’m feeling positive about my art and not so scared and overwhelmed which is wonderful."

- Moira Welch

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This is a good fit for artists who:

  • Have already got some experience with making art. You've taken courses, learned techniques, and tried different approaches, but are finding yourself confused about how to make your art more reflective of you.
  • Could use fresh eyes on your work for a clearer understanding of what you're doing.
  • Have questions about your work that are specific to you and haven't been or can't be answered in course or workshop settings.
  • Would like the undivided attention of a fellow artist with experience who is on your side and can help you find your way forward.
  • Want to talk through the tangle of thoughts and get clarity.
  • Would like positive feedback, not critique.
  • Have questions about being a working artist and would like advice and real life examples about how to navigate it.

"I spent a very enjoyable and fruitful hour with Tara. She is not only a good and careful listener but also a wise and understanding guide. She picked up where I am in my artist journey intuitively and swiftly  - I felt she really got me! I felt very positive about what I’m doing after speaking to her, after having been feeling rather muddled before the session.

Tara is clear and focused in her comments as well as being relaxed and gentle at the same time; she made me feel very comfortable and the hour flew by. Her appraisal of the work I had sent her were helpful too – she made me feel clearer and more confident about my visual language and style and left me with an appreciation of some strengths I had not been aware of before.

I recommend these chats to anyone who needs to clarify where they are now and where they might be going next. After the session, I made a list of all the areas I want to work on in the present, and some for doing a bit further ahead – so I don’t think I will be experiencing that feeling of ‘What should I do?’ when I get time in the studio anymore – I’ve come away from the session teeming with ideas!!"

- Louise Swingler

Hi, I'm Tara

I've always been an artist, although there were a few years' hiatus from my practice, when life and mental health issues took over for a while.

I've been making art regularly now for the past 15 years, teaching online since 2013, and I sell my work in stores, galleries and online, to collectors around the world. I run a membership for artists - the Happy Artist Studio - and have created and run multiple art courses, which are all available inside the membership. I'm also a lifelong writer; I started my blog in 2008, have been writing the much loved Artnotes since 2013, and have self published three books {so far!}.

I know what it's like to feel called to make art as a deep expression of who you are, and the journey to actually living that. I know what it's like to lose your art, and to get it back. I know what it's like to be creative in many different ways and struggle with consistency and what to focus on. I know what it's like to be so excited you try everything, and then get confused about what's 'yours'.

I understand the nuances of what it means to be an artist, and have experience of both teaching, and of being an artist who sells their work.

I make no six figure claims, and I don't offer step by step 'how to's. My strengths lie in the invisible side of being an artist - the mindset, the nuances, the emotional journey, the way to fulfilment as an artist, and the quest for truthful self expression. I share honestly about my journey, and am here to support you on yours.

"I got a lot out of my one-to-one session with Tara.  I’ve always appreciated her forthright openness about her own life and art journey.  I respect the breadth of her experiences and ability to invoke my own thoughts and give her reflections and suggestions in a respectful manner. 

She helped me realize that my blog is an excellent avenue for me to share what I am happiest doing, which is hiking in the woods and natural dyeing.  It helps me think through, reflect and document my art process.

She bolstered my confidence to begin teaching by supporting my field trip/experiment-oriented workshop.  I have now taught twice, with a third class scheduled soon.  This is a major breakthrough for me, as I am now sharing my knowledge and learning more in the process."

- Joan Schopp Hunn

Questions and Answers

"Tara provided encouragement and an alternate perspective on some of the themes I pondered. Workshops and courses are great, but sometimes you need one on one attention, direction and an opportunity to ask the opinion of an artist you admire. "

- Tara Friesen

"Wise, warm and supportive - Tara's insights and advice were invaluable in getting me where I wanted to be with my practice. With her help, I’ve been able to start creating the artistic life I’d always dreamed of having."

- MW

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  • It will help me to help you more effectively to have some context, so please be sure to¬†follow the instructions for sharing your work with me on the booking page! {Don't worry, it's super simple.}
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"In the last couple of years I have really committed to making art a priority in my life and have been productive. There's lots of great information online - including Tara's Artnotes, but it was really time to talk through my thought process one-on-one with another experienced artist.

My conversation with Tara helped me clearly see that I am on a workable path toward my long term goals and am actually making progress.

Tara's thoughtful comments were both affirming and helpful in that she pointed out specific ways to scale up my artwork and rethink some internal biases toward different aspects of my work. Thanks Tara, it was exactly what I needed!"

- Rebecca Degroodt


"During our one-to-one session, Tara helped me to ease back on my own internal pressure to be creative during a particularly difficult time in my personal life. She helpfully pointed out that, in times of stress, it is often futile to expect to be in flow whilst our lizard brain is busy calling the shots."

- Maureen Walker


"I'd been feeling as though I'd lost my direction lately and needed some clarity. You were so easy to talk to, very intuitive, and I felt you really understood my issues. You helped me see things for what they are, without actually telling me what to do. I'm feeling much more positive, and clearer about the way forward after our chat. Thankyou!"

- Debbie Plaskett