Make Cards From Your Art

Dive into this bitesize, idea-packed workshop offering a very simple process for repurposing your own work.

✨ Perfect for using up those old and unfinished works on paper! ✨


6 Reasons to Dive In


Simple & Quick

Perfect for getting to make art even during the busier times

Repurpose Your Art

A way to use up studies and paintings on paper that didn't work out

Restorative Creativity

A meditative project for filling the creative well when inspiration is low

Save time and money

Make a batch of original cards to stockpile for special occasions

Develop Your Voice

This process will show you your own marks, colour palettes, and preferences in detail

Generate Ideas

For future paintings and other things you can make {I'll share some ideas}

"Lovely, lovely, lovely😍. I am a fan of cutting and sticking and could watch you do this all day long! It's such a mindful activity. And a fabulous way to learn about colour and composition without realising that's what's happening. Gorgeous results😍"


What's included?

⭐️ A video demonstration { 30 mins} showing this very straightforward process for turning your own art into original greeting cards. I will walk you through it, explaining what I'm doing and why, and sharing my thinking, decisions, and further ideas for development as I go.

⭐️ A very short materials list

⭐️ A sense of smug satisfaction when you end up with a stack of beautiful, original greeting cards you can use for special occasions throughout the year. 

"I’m only 7 minutes in and already have ideas and feel a lot of permission I didn’t feel before. SO glad and grateful you created and offered this!!


✂️ Ready to get started? 💌

Make Cards From Your Art


Instant Access

✔️ Video lesson

✔️ Materials list

✔️ Ongoing access