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A membership for artists ready to move beyond copying, deal with the mindset 'demons' that get in your way, and confidently express who you truly are as an artist.

{Even if you don't feel like you can call yourself one yet.}


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✔️The Way of the Happy Artist, a foundational program that helps you get clear about your art and how you make it, setting you up for not just making the most of the Happy Artist Studio, but for the rest of your life as an artist.

✔️ Monthly Inspirations - each month you'll receive a practical lesson you can use as a springboard to enrich and develop in the way that will work for you.

✔️ Support and guidance with just enough structure to keep you focused and moving forward, and enough flexibility so you can choose your own wonderful adventure

✔️ A friendly and supportive community space for asking questions, connecting with and working alongside fellow artists just like you

✔️ Weekly check ins where you can share and tell stories about your latest work, celebrate your wins, and stay on track

✔️ A library of art courses all designed to help you uncover and develop what's unique to you about your art

✔️ Q&A videos - a new one every month in which I answer your art questions, now also stored in the new searchable Q&A library.

✔️ Member discount on one to one sessions for times when you need more personalised, specific support

✔️ A growing library of workbooks, tools and resources to help you on your artist journey

...and much more!

This is for you if...

  🖌 You’ve gathered a ton of techniques and supplies from all the art classes you’ve taken, but you're not sure how to use all that to develop your art so it feels uniquely yours. 

🖌  You can't seem to establish any kind of regular practice, although you'd love to.
🖌 You feel mostly overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration and don't know where to start, so you often end up not making anything, and feeling frustrated.
🖌 You struggle with feeling like a fraud and 'not a real artist' because you don't have a degree, or a studio, or sell your work, or make art every day, or [insert reason here]. 

🖌 You haven’t found your ‘style’ yet, and don't know what to do about it.
🖌 You feel lonely in your art practice, and don't have anyone to ask for personalised and constructive feedback and support.

Recommended to any artist looking for support developing and growing their practice

"This is my second year with The Happy Artist Studio and I can definitely say that it has been everything and more than I had hoped for. I joined hoping that Tara's classes would help me develop my style and build more structure into my practice. What I found was that I had also joined a supportive community of like minded artists from around the world.

Tara is a constant encouraging presence in this community and shares her thoughts and knowledge both through her huge library of courses, and her regular comments on everything from studio practice to artists' resilience. I would thoroughly recommend Tara's Studio to any artist looking for support developing and growing their practice."

Karen Osborne

Ready to start the next chapter of your happy artist life?

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  • Immediate access to 30 courses & other learning materials valued at over $2500 
  • Full access to these and all future additions for as long as you’re a member
  • Downloadable course PDFs, checklists, and worksheets
  • Ask questions, share your work and get feedback in our supportive community
  • A growing library of Q&A videos
  • Access to a full year of monthly inspirations, updated each month
  • Behind the scenes videos from my own practice as a working artist 
  • Member discount on one to one mentoring sessions



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"A beautiful place to grow as an artist"

"The Happy Artist Studio is a beautiful place to grow as an artist. Tara has created an abundance of resources that give breath to the artist's path... whether you are finding your way or trying to stretch yourself. The community component is also lovely... I find the fellow artists to be very responsive and understanding when I have questions. In addition, Tara has an active and personable presence within the Studio and her responses to conversations really set a tone of openness, giving that feeling of kind coaching that matters for you in exactly the place you find yourself."

Bri Downard

Questions and answers


We know the Happy Artist Studio is amazing...

but don't take our word for it.

"I am very happy to have joined the studio. The concept of a studio with all the courses in it, feels like a long needed form of 'companion' on my journey as an artist. As I am not in any art school (never have been) it is a bit lonely, and a lot of issues arise that I sometimes talk about with artist friends, but in this way it feels like I always have somewhere to go for some encouragement ...
I have an every day support station/connection to a creativity-boosting-source. Thank you!"

Alexandra Berggren

"I have some great ideas to work on and move forward. You have enlightened a spark and I am excited to start my art journey. Honestly you have so many amazing resources and materials. I especially loved the artist inspired section and appreciate all the research. 

Thank you again, your style of teaching is so refreshing and inspiring! I will be singing your praises. 😊 "

Joanne Gallagher

"I’m so grateful I stumbled upon your blog a few years back. There’s really no one with your teaching style (style may not be the perfect word here, maybe philosophy?).
Your courses are not result oriented which feels sooo liberating. They’re not about teaching to do things in a certain way – it’s rather about showing your students how to have a particular attitude or way of thinking towards their own creative journey/process. How cool and unique is that!"

Gina Axlund

Hi, I’m Tara. 

I created the Happy Artist Studio because I spent a long time struggling with the same things you do: 

  • Feeling confused about what my ‘style’ was {when what I needed was to discover my artist voice - not the same thing!
  • Self doubt around my abilities and the value of my work
  • Uncertainty about whether I was ‘good enough’ to be a ‘real artist’ 
  • Looking to others to tell me my work was good, and not trusting my own opinion or choices
  • Getting stuck and frustrated while painting and not knowing how to move forward without help
  • Erratic painting spells, and feeling unable to establish a more regular art practice
  • Feeling underqualified and ‘not as good as’ [insert favourite artist here]

I spent years and years exploring, experimenting and learning how 'I' want to be an artist.

And I discovered that if we're going to thrive as artists - whatever that means for each of us - we need to attend to both the practicalities {the process} and the mindset. And we need a lot of support. 

The Happy Artist Studio exists to give you all of that and more.

We'd love to welcome you to the next phase of your artist path!

Process the puzzle piece we all know and love (to play with)!

It’s getting paint on your hands {and in your hair}; it’s discovering new materials and techniques; it’s exploration and play.

It's you making your art.

Mindset the puzzle piece that often gets overlooked.

But without a ‘demon management system’, process can be a real struggle and much less fun. And it doesn’t have to be!

It's you owning your artist self.

Ideally, we want the yin and yang of mindset and process to be working together - and that’s what we do in the Happy Artist Studio.

Encouraged me to do lots more art

"I was not expecting to love it as much as I do. Tara’s courses have not only encouraged me to do lots more art but they have resonated with me on a level that I never expected. It’s lovely to be part of the Happy Artist Studio community, I look forward to working through all of Tara’s inspiring courses, developing my art and seeing where it takes me."

Caroline C.